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How to make circuit board?
Visit:1599 Date:2020-08-24
1. Simple treatment of copper-clad board
(1) Choose the size of the copper-clad board. If the board size is not strictly required or the board can be formed after the circuit is made, the length and width of the board should be appropriately larger than the length and width of the drawing, because during the transfer process, The board edge has less copper and slow heat dissipation, and the transfer paper is likely to leave residual glue on the board edge. If the board size is the same as the drawing, the circuit will be very close to the board edge. When the residual glue and the circuit are together, it is difficult If it is not treated, it will be corroded and not clean. When the board is larger than the drawing, it is easy to clean the residual glue.
2. Fix the transfer paper on the copper plate
(1) For the transfer of drawings with a smaller area than the copper-clad plate on the copper-clad plate, no special positioning is required. Simply press the side of the transfer paper with the drawing on the copper plate and push it into the transfer machine rubber roller.
3. Start thermal transfer
(1) After preparing these steps, return to the front of the transfer machine. Observe whether the warm-up green light of the transfer machine is on, if it is on, say
That the temperature has reached the set value (generally the highest value is 200 degrees).
(2) If the temperature reaches the set value, turn the working mode key to "transfer" and enter the transfer working mode, the motor will rotate step by step.
4. Tear off the transfer paper
(1) After the circuit board has all flowed out of the transfer machine, the transfer paper can be slowly torn from an angle after the circuit board has cooled slightly. If the transfer is found to be incomplete, you can stop tearing the paper and continue. Transfer it again.
5. Corrosion of circuit boards
(1) Punch a hole in any corner of the four corners, insert the wire, and put it in the ferric chloride corrosive solution (do not get it on the clothes), and rinse with water after the corrosion is completed.
6. Drilling and cleaning toner
(1). Make sure to drill the hole first, and then clean the toner. If the toner is cleaned first, the position of the hole cannot be seen.
7. Cleaning the ink
(1) Clean the ink on the circuit board with banana water to completely expose the copper-colored circuit traces.
(2) Stored circuit boards should be kept away from humid environments and kept properly sealed.

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