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How to calculate the cost of circuit board?
Visit:1679 Date:2020-08-24
PCB has a long process, and there is a lot of room to control the production cost. The production cost includes: raw material control; water and electricity control; scrap rate control; process control, etc.

1. Raw material control
The same board, who can use the least materials to complete it, has the lowest production cost, and controlling the least materials is to control its rework rate and employee waste rate, although many factories have PMC departments to limit Produced materials, but this is a solution to the symptoms and not the root cause. The materials are not enough and the production cannot be stopped. Finally, they have to be sent to him. To really cure the root cause, it also needs to start with the proficiency of the employees; the management ability of the supervisor; the design of the process , A set of strict management system and reasonable operation method will reduce a lot of human error. It is recommended that some key positions are selected and experienced employees are used to complete! For example: process designer; production supervisor; MI writing engineer, etc.!

2. Hydropower control
Reasonable utilization of water and electricity is very important, especially during peak seasons, there is often insufficient power. Many places have adopted power curtailment control. When the machine is not in use, it must be stopped, such as light tubes, etching pulls, drill/gong machines and other equipment, plan production , Reasonable use of electricity can reduce large costs. Advocate production planners, must be proficient in process, must closely cooperate with production and marketing departments, and communicate frequently to obtain timely information in order to arrange production plans reasonably!

3. Scrap rate control
Scrap board is indeed a pity, especially when the copper board on the market has soared, materials have risen, and PCB profits have declined. If the scrap rate is too high, it is undoubtedly worse for the corporate economy. How to control the scrap rate! This requires us to find a better set of Operation system and management system to tolerate employee negligence and material instability. In controlling the scrap rate, we can control from the following points:
(1) Strengthen employees’ sense of ownership and make them understand that the circuit board is a valuable thing and must be handled with care at all times. Don’t let him feel that we produce cheap boards or garbage boards. It will not be treated as a baby. Just like the posture that we require to hold the board, we must hold the board with two hands. We don’t say the benefits of this kind of quality. Just this posture can make people feel the board. Preciousness!
(2) QA MRB (Retirement Reviewer) is very important. It is up to him to judge whether the board should be scrapped. Then he must have a high sense of responsibility and be familiar with each process. If the board can be saved, give him a judgment. If it is scrapped, it is undoubtedly a waste. If the board that cannot be saved is deemed qualified by another board and continues down the process, it will waste the raw materials of the subsequent process.
(3) Continuously introduce new technologies and seek the most reasonable working mode to tolerate employee errors.
(4) Let every employee know the monthly scrap rate and let them feel the benefits brought to them by reducing the scrap rate! We often summarize the reasons for scrapping, and we must know how our boards are scrapped.

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